Electrical Actuator Ball Valve


FAIZTECH TRADING  provide Electrical Actuator Ball valve with Multiple Port 5 WAY, 4 WAY and 3 WAY Ball Valves which gives greater reliability and performance necessary to optimize automation and manual process performance.

This multipurpose, high performance multi-port ball valve gives solutions for diverting and mixing with various available end configurations and flow patterns. It can be preserved in-line, leaving the end pieces complete. The direct mount design makes automation to lower its profile and easier. This kind of valve structures the pyramidal stem design is so effective in other valve series. There are countless of flow pattern and end piece combinations.

Multi-port, Direct Mount, 5-way, 4-way and 3-way Automated Ball Valves Features:

*316 SS

*Sizes 1/4” to 4”

*Socket Weld, Threaded and Butt Weld

*”T”, “L”, “I”, “X”, Vertical “T”, Vertical “L”, “TT” and “LL” Ports

*Full Port and Five Seat Design

*Direct Mount ISO5211 Mounting Pad

*90º, 180º and 360º Rotation

*Pyramidal Stem Design

*150 No. Flanged and Sanitary Ends

ENQUIRE: Electrical Actuator Ball Valve