Pilot Check Valve


Pilot check valve supplied by FAIZTECH TRADING are non-modular valves set for line and flanged mounting.

Cartridge valves are made of 2 or 1 unidirectional check valves, where the pilot pressure

Opens the sealing poppet.

This check valves shows an outstanding sealing function, while “free flow” is focus to closing spring

Load. Initial opening pressure is determined by cracking pressure.

The sealing poppet which are opened by pilot pressure is on or off. Because of this it cannot be used in applications on which control and modulation of gravitational load lowering velocity is essential. The important parameter in check valves are its pilot ratio rp.

If a generic load P is given, Pilot pressure essential for opening the valve is calculated by dividing

Load by pilot ratio:


Nominal flow and pressure ratings

Max. working
pr. (bar)

Max. flow
in l/min.
CIM 06 315 35

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