Solenoid Valve


A solenoid valve is otherwise called as electro mechanically operated valve. Solenoid valves are great engineered device which are used for unique system and many diverse applications. These solenoid valves are supervised by an electric current by a solenoid in the case of a 2 port solenoid valve where the flow is switched on or off. In 3 port solenoid valve, the outflow is positioned between the 2 outlet ports. Many solenoid valves can be combined together to form a manifold.

Solenoid valves are generally used to control Gases and fluids. Their works is to divert, shut off, divert, and dose release or mix gases and fluids. They are mainly found in many cryogenic, vacuum, fluid, water, gas, Steam, oil or air and in high pressure applications and monitoring other 5/3 way and 5/2 way coaxial valves, pneumatic valves or Angle Seat Piston Valves. Solenoids valves proposal safe and fast switching, long service life, high reliability, good medium compatibility of the Plastic general purpose and Brass Stainless Steel solenoid valves, solid design in various sizes from 1/8 BSP to big flanged solenoid valves to DN500 sizes and It has low control power of 12vdc

In 3/2 Way Direct Acting solenoid valves, the armature movement are utilized and the direct 3 way acting miniature brass solenoid valve means to Close or Open the exhaust ports or inlet of the solenoid valve.

When the solenoid valve is de-energized the inlet port P1 is closed because the inlet pressure is through the P1 in a 3/2 way closed solenoid valve. Port 2 is permissible back through and up from side to side the exhaust Port 3.

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