Hydraulic Pumps And Motors



On FAIZTECH TRADING you can easily configure the genuine Hydraulics single, double or triple vane pumps that perfectly fulfill your requirements. From our catalogue you can select a variety of basic and advanced filters to the vane pump that is best suited for your application. Customized installation can be done because of many varieties of available options, no skilled person is required to configure with the Hydraulics Vane Pump configurator.


Axial piston pumps are otherwise called as positive displacement pumps which converts rotary motion of input shaft into axial reciprocating motion of pistons. These pumps are used in various industries and also used in skid loader machines. These system have a max operating temperature up to 120°C, so that leakage between body block and cylinder housing are used for lubrication and cooling of the rotating parts.

These pumps have sub types as:

*Swash plate axial piston pump

*Bent axis piston pumps


Bent axis pumps and motors are designed using the bent axis principle fixed or adjustable displacement in two basic designs. These pumps have a largest displacement up to 1 liter / revolution and if necessary 2 liter swept volume pump can be constructed. Sometimes variable displacement pumps are used to adjust the oil flow. These pumps has a working pressure of 350 to 420 bars in continuous work.


Gear pump is a simple positive displacement and robust pump. It has two gears revolving around its respective axes and this is the only moving parts in pump. These pumps are relatively inexpensive and compact. Its ability to pump highly viscous fluids in high pressure is due to its rigid design of the gears. Gear pumps can be design in such a way that it can be either works as a pump or a motor. Its mechanical design that allows the stacking of pumps.

The gear pumps are classified as:

External gear pumps

Lobe pumps

Internal gear pumps

Gerotor pumps


Hydraulic Hand pumps is operated directly by hands and it can supply oil to hydraulic jacks when used. The usable oil capacity of hydraulic jack is defined by the capacity of the hand pump. A pressure of 700 bar is developed by piston plunger assembly to raise the hydraulic jack.

Our pumps are designed with high pressure hydraulic hand and foot pumps designed for durability, portability and easy to use. To find the most effective compact high pressure pump are selected from a large number of hydraulic hand pump. The manual foot and hand pump is installed with high safety features to give smooth performance and maintaining worker safety.

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