Hydraulic Hoses & Tubings


FAIZTECH TRADING provides industry with numerous hose and tubing solutions. Our offer includes rubber, plastic, silicone, PTFE, composite, metal and many other hoses. Because of highest quality and enormous diversity our hoses are used in all kinds of pipelines to transfer steam, air, gases, water, chemicals, petrochemical products, loose products, foodstuffs and so on.


Hoses are generally used in a hydraulic system. Because they can be fit perfectly in a situations where movement is present, space is limited and louder systems where noise would need to be stifled. In some situation Hoses should be installed and do not try to force tubes instead of hoses into a situation where they do not belong.


The biggest reason of using hydraulic tubing is because they transfers heat much more efficiently than hoses. Painting a hydraulic tube increases the efficiency of this heat transfer. Tubes are also lighter in weight and can handle higher pressures than hoses. Tubes are much low in maintenance and can stand up considerably longer, whereas hoses must be inspected and replaced frequently.

When it comes to your hydraulic system, make sure you understand the differences between hoses and tubes and how each one can play a role in the system.

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