Proportional directional control valve

Proportional directional control valve:

Festo designs and manufactures a wide range of direction control valves that are in various dimensions and working techniques. Some of the important valves provided by Festo distributors in Kuwait and Festo dealers in Kuwait are Solenoid valve VMPA, Solenoid valve VUVB, Solenoid valve VUVG Compact Performance CPE solenoid valve, Tiger Classic pneumatic valve and Midi valve. FAIZTECH TRADING export and supplies all these kinds of directional control valves to many of the Middle East countries.  Our inclusive network of suppliers throughout the country helps to get your products delivered to you on time by Festo distributors in Egypt and Festo dealers in Egypt .

Connection: G1/8, G1/4 and G3/8

Diagnostic capabilities

Flow rate: 350 ….. 2000 l/min

With switching output for actuating a clamp-type brake unit

5/3 way proportional directional control valve (closed)

Fully digitized, with integrated pressure sensors.

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