Hydraulic Cylinders


FAIZTECH TRADING provides Hydraulic cylinders which are used commonly for heavy duty material handling applications. We supplies Industrial Hydraulic Cylinders which have been designed and manufactured for our customers need. These cylinders are manufactured using optimum quality raw materials because of which they are known for its durable finish and superior performance. We ensure that our customers should satisfied up to a maximum with our products along with best capital value.

The hydraulic fuels is stored in these cylinder under pressure so as to create hydraulic pressure in it.                  The motion is created due to the energy stored in these oils. A hydraulic motor consists of one or more hydraulic cylinders in a complete hydraulic system. The oil flow is regulated by a pump in a hydraulic system and these pump is a part of generator in a hydraulic system.

Our hydraulic cylinder consist of a piston with its rod and a cylindrical barrel. The piston rod is connected with piston which is placed within the barrel. The bottom and head of the barrel are closed by cylinder bottom and cylinder head respectively. From the cylinder head the piston rod is exits the cylinder.

Mounting brackets or clevises are used to mount cylinder bottom and the piston rod. Sliding rings and seals are used with piston in the hydraulic cylinder. The two chambers within the cylinder are piston rod chamber and bottom chamber.

When the hydraulic fluid is pumped into bottom side of hydraulic cylinder, the piston starts moving outwards. The hydraulic fluid is pushed back into the reservoir by piston in the reverse process.

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